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22 Aug. 2020, Drama for Life’s Theatre Company – Stories from Africa



An interactive Storytelling where children can create their own stories in collaboration with Oluwaseun Odukoya, Aunty Shine-Shine

About this Event

An interactive Storytelling Theatre where children have the chance to create and act out their own stories, in collaboration with Oluwaseun Odukoya, Aunty Shine-Shine the Storyteller from Nigeria.

We believe that stories have the power to ignite the imagination, to grow new friends, to build hope, and create medicine for times of big change. Our STORY THEATRE is a simple celebration of the ancient form of storytelling. We invite you to come sit with us, listen and be transported into different worlds. We will invite you to participate, to show a hand, or stop your personal video, mute or unmute yourselves, or to dance and sing with us. The world of ZOOM, as some of you may know, is a different way of communicating. So, we have some rules for making ZOOM work for our kind of communication.

Oluwaseun Odukoya, Aunty Shine-Shine the Storyteller from Nigeria, started Online Storytelling in Nigeria -Storytime with Aunty Shine-Shine- to expose children to the ancient and beautiful art of storytelling during this lockdown; To keep them entertained, and inspired in this unexpected trust of the times that they did not call for. I intend to expand to “Stories Live off the Page’ and take actual titles to make a lively reading of it; entertaining children while encouraging them to explore the wonderful world of books!

Date: August 22, 2020

Time: 2pm.

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