17 Aug. 2019, Meet2Create

Meet2Create is global event that is solely for Software Engineers and those looking to pursue a career in Data Science and A.I. At this event, we will listen to experts in the Nigerian Tech industry on how future of tech will revolutionize how we do business in Nigeria. Topics to be discussed on includes: Introduction…

Summer Fiesta 2019

17 Aug. 2019, Summer Fiesta 2019

The intent of this event is to broaden awareness amongst youths and to bridge the gap between young and talented youths in arts and others and the much established older generation of the professional community. It is designed to attract the taste makers that take active roles in setting the mood for style, the hottest…

No Shame Conference

17 Aug. 2019, No Shame Conference

For you who’s tired of carrying your ‘Shame’ baggage from one phase of your life to another. For you who’s ready to be open and willing to hand over your burdens and cares to God. This is it. Venue: National Sickle Cell Centre, Idi Araba, Lagos. Date: August 17, 2019. Time: 1pm.

Legal Business Meet-Up 4.0

17 Aug. 2019, Legal Business Meet-Up 4.0

The Legal Business Network invites you to the 4th edition of the Legal Business Meet-Up. The Legal Business Meet-Up is targeted at Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Corporate bodies and aims at educating business organizations and helping them build legally protected businesses. The Theme of the Legal Business Meet-Up 4.0 is “BUSINESS START-UP FINANCE: LEGAL ISSUES”. Our…