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Conversations @ INDIGO is a monthly conversation session organized by The Sahara Centre and sponsored by Goethe Institute.

About this Event

When we think of luxury, what comes to mind?

In the overall fabric of our society, where access to 24 hours of electricity, adequate infrastructure, quality healthcare are marketed as ‘luxury’ in Nigeria, how do we move towards a better quality experience of life? Towards elegance?

Who is pushing the boundary here? Who should the boundary?

How is the creative sector playing a part in our interpretations of, and desire for, a more elegant society? is this an unavoidable part of our development trajectory?

The ability to purchase luxury goods is usually seen as a sign of a country’s socio-economic progress, usually associated with the growth of the middle class. We are looking at the social perspectives of luxury, subjective – value judgement based on the person and objective, influenced to a large extent by the culture of a place.

When you think of luxury? What comes to mind? In Nigeria, how do we view luxury and what is our approach to consumption? To quality? To beauty? Is it about an intrinsic appreciation for the best, or an overt display?

Lola, our leader for this session, is passionate about travel and aviation consultancy, travel technology, tourism and call centre management.


Venue:  Zoom: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0ud-iprDkvGtNRNOgVvdxw04Q8DstSJmUE

Date: August 22, 2020

Time: 3pm.

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