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3 Top Spots for Grilled Fish in Lekki

If you’re a big fan of grilled fish and want to know where to order it from then you’d be glad to know that we’ve done the fishing around for you. Here are some of our recommendations:

Farm City Restaurant

top spot lekki farm city grilled fish
Fish and chips anyone?

This restaurant knows what they’re doing when it comes to serving grilled fish fresh out of the water. It probably helps that their Lekki location has the overlooking waterfront for that perception and added aesthetics. Our TUL scouts recently sampled the grilled catfish and croaker fish. It was well spiced, tasty and filling with the side of potato fries. The service was decent and the environment was generally inviting. They had indoor and outdoor dining options, catering to the smokers or waterfront viewers. Price-wise it’s fair for that axis. Farm City does deliveries and they have other locations on the mainland.

Grind Grill Cafe

grind grill cafe grilled fish
Can you handle the heat? Not for the ‘aje butters’

Tucked away in the heart of Osapa-London is the town’s famous grill cafe and bar nicknamed ‘Grind’ by patriots. It’s quite unassuming from the outside with its high black gates but the numerous cars parked outside and the ascending smoke is enough to persuade even the least curious passerby to take a peak. Inside you can see what’s on the grills and you have a choice to sit outside, inside or you could do a takeaway. Our scouts can attest to a salivating experience. Due to the patronage you may be delayed but some may argue it’s worth the wait. There’s finesse in their presentation so if you believe ‘Camera eats first‘ we totally understand.

Kohinoor Lounge and Restaurant

top spot kohinoor grilled fish
Whoever said there’s love in sharing will disagree after eating this fish.

Another popular location for some saucy grilled fish is no hidden gem. Kohinoor is popular among the socialites and the odd couple of celebrities who make random appearances. And why? The unique setting, decor and mouthwatering cuisine would leave dieters helpless. Luckily our scouts were up to the task and were quite impressed with the service and grilled fish served (there’s a variety to choose from). Spicy to the bone and served with fries, coleslaw and dip. It’s big enough to share with friends unless you’ve been fasting for 3 days straight. You can also enjoy this in side their restaurant, on the first floor deck or outside on the ground floor. But of course there’s the option to takeaway so that you can do justice to the fish head – we won’t judge you. Do you have any hot spots in Lekki for grilled catfish, tilapia or croaker that you can recommend? Turn up and drop a line in the comment section 🙂

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