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29 Nov. 2019, International Humanitarian Conference 2019

International Humanitarian Conference 2019

The Conference will be an intra-continental forum for participants to engage in the most recent discussion on naming the 10 major Challenges that are facing humanity and be educated on the practical solutions for the development of our Nations and to mend the bridge between the NGOs, organizations around Globe for better cooperation on the humanitarian field. However, the goal is not merely to present theoretical information but leave the participants with applicable tools to use in their own work. The Conference will consist of social service workers, NGOs, Foundations, educational trainers, political leaders, and other influential professionals, sharing and pooling information and knowledge. The focus will be on the practical and sustainable solutions to the transformation of our Nations; Social, Political and Economic basis, not merely within a personal context and dealing with traumatic events that have a social or political basis not merely a personal context. The objective of the Conference is FACING THE CHALLENGES AND THE FUTURE TOGETHER concentrating on the solution of the humanitarian crises facing our nations as well to pass on information that allows women to integrate their experiences and knowledge, enabling them to have the hope, courage, and tools needed to develop and move forward in a positive way. The goal of the conference is to educate and encourage the participants to apply new concepts and practical tips and solutions in their work, whatever their field may be.

Venue: Neca House, Ikeja, Lagos.

Date: November 29, 2019.

Time: 7pm.

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