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28 – 29 Oct. 2017, Future Ex-Mrs. Apena – Abuja

Future Ex-Mrs. Apena

In Future Ex-Mrs Apena, Dapo and his girlfriend, (ranting) Ranti, are having what should be a dream relationship; both are upwardly mobile executives in a down-economy and they are in love. They are live-in lovers who banter, pray and fight, challenging each other in many ways to be better. However, when the subject of marriage inevitably enters the reckoning, the questions of roles and who wears the pants, social conditioning and traditional marriage values begin to strain their love. They find that if their relationship must ‘grow’ – if it must progress and not stagnate, they must marry but even so, they must consider that divorce is a necessary part of their yet-to-be contracted union. The Future Ex-Mrs. Apena is another 2MG-original for the 2017 seasons of theatre. Fee: N3000

*Warning: ‘The Future Ex-Mrs Apena’ is not family viewing and not recommended for people under 16.

Venue: British Council, Maitama, Abuja, 

Date: October 28 – 29, 2017

Time: 3pm

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