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25 Jul. 2020, Internet of Things, Data-driven Behavioral Change and Emotional Wellbeing



Register for the Transtech Lagos Chapter FREE Virtual Webinar Series where Chapter Leaders, Bidemi Ojo and Sammy Damilola will be speaking with Olu Ogunlela, co-founder/CEO at Liferithms and Branislav Nikolic CEO/Co-founder at AYO by Novalogy on the topic: Internet of Things (IoT), Data-driven Behavioural Change and Emotional Wellbeing: The Benefits and Opportunities.

Learn how Liferithms through its Lifechitech app combines lifestyle data analytics and The Internet of Things (IoT) technology to enhance human performance, improve emotional wellbeing, achieve behavioural change, prevent lifestyle diseases, and combat burnout.

Also, learn how Novalogy through its AYO light-based intelligent glasses wearable and goAYO App, combines the power of Internet of Things (IoT) technology and blue light therapy similar to sunlight to suppress melatonin and regulate our body clock in as little as 20 minutes of usage per day to help busy professionals beat jet lag, improve sleep, increase energy levels and overall performance!

The Internet of Things (IoT) which is a $150 billion market globally is simply a network of devices connected to the internet to collect and exchange data without requiring special human-to-computer interactions.

Register today to learn how Olu and Branislav together with their team have developed their innovative products, navigated challenges of adoption and funding; including emerging opportunities for life coaches, therapists, and as many in the startup ecosystem looking for ways to reinvent themselves to thrive in the #newnormal.


Date: July 25, 2020.

Time: 5pm.


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