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25 – 26 Nov. 2023, Sour Grapes: The Musical

Sour Grapes: The Musical

“Sour Grapes: The Musical” is a compelling and emotionally charged production that delves into the complexities of societal and social challenges, with a particular focus on postpartum depression and the vital role of love and community support.

The narrative centers around Oreoluwa King, a character portrayed with depth and authenticity by multi-award-winning actors Oluchi Odii and Floyd Igbo. Drawing from their rich experience in the Nigerian musical theatre scene, they bring a unique perspective to their roles, making their portrayal profoundly resonant.
Ticket: N7,000. Front row: N10,000.

Venue: Amphitheatre, Freedom Park broad street, Lagos.

Date: November 25 & 26, 2023.

Time: 7pm.

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