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24 Dec. 2023, Chike Live – Money, Music & Love

Indulge in a soul-stirring experience at Chike Live – Money, Music & Love – a musical odyssey where the heartstrings are plucked with a symphony of emotions! Don’t miss this night where Chike’s velvety voice serenades tales of money, music, and love, creating a tapestry of musical enchantment. This isn’t just a concert; it’s an intimate rendezvous with Chike’s essence. Get your tickets for a live performance that transcends the ordinary, an evening where every note is a currency of emotion, every melody is a love story, and every chord is a journey through the heart. 

Venue: Hardrock Cafe, Victoria Island, Lagos. 

Date: December 24, 2023. 

Time: 7pm.


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