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16 Sep. 2020, Building The Next Big Tech Product

Building The Next Big Tech Product

Are you female Tech startup or founder, Tech product owner/manager, Developer or Tech product enthusiast? Then this webinar is a must attend for you. As a woman in tech, you will agree that in creating products that are technologically driven, Founders and Tech product managers are faced with layers of unforeseen challenges and mishaps. These gruesome challenges can hamper on the delivery or outcome of great products that are meant to change the world and the way we do things. Most importantly in Nigeria, many female led tech startups tend to require more support as it relates to product development, funding, mentorship and much more.

In this webinar, Jadesola Opawumi will touch on building, testing and fine-tuning product development amidst likely challenges. Join us as she shares some of her perspectives on how these challenges can hinder development of great products, how to build resilience, manage technicalities and way forward by driving human and other resources to deliver on building innovative products.

Venue: Zoom. Register – https://swec.com.ng/

Date: September 16, 2020.

Time: 11am.

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