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14 Feb. 2024, Bond With Me 007 Lagos Royale

Prepare for an evening of sophistication and intrigue at ‘Bond With Me 007: Lagos Royale’ – a gala event where elegance meets espionage in the heart of Lagos! Come have a night inspired by the iconic James Bond, featuring glamour, suspense, and an atmosphere of clandestine allure. ‘Bond With Me’ isn’t just an event; it’s a rendezvous with sophistication, where every guest becomes a secret agent in the grand theater of luxury. It’s a night of shaken, not stirred, martinis, and a red-carpet affair that echoes the charm of 007. Don’t miss ‘Bond With Me 007: Lagos Royale’ – where the city becomes a playground of style and mystique. Tickets N100,000

Venue: Thompson Drive, Ikoyi Lagos, Lagos.

Date: Febuary 14, 2024.

Time: 5pm.


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