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Dive into the heart of the Amapiano rhythm at the ‘Amapiano Rave’ – an explosive celebration where the hottest beats, infectious melodies, and vibrant energy collide for an unforgettable night! It’s a musical journey that transcends borders, featuring Amapiano’s finest tunes, electrifying performances, and an atmosphere that pulsates with euphoria. This isn’t just a rave; it’s a showcase of Amapiano’s cultural influence, a fusion of sounds that resonates with the global dance scene. Secure your tickets for an Amapiano experience like never before. Don’t miss the Amapiano Rave – where the dance floor becomes a canvas, and the music becomes a collective heartbeat! 

Venue: Johnny Rockets, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Date: Febuary 10, 2024.

Time: 7pm.


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