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03 Dec. 2023, The Madness That Cures My Land

The Madness That Cures My Land

Embark on a profound journey with Ola Awakan’s – The Madness That Cures My Land, a riveting theatrical play that explores the healing power of chaos. 🎭 Immerse yourself in a world where madness becomes a remedy, challenging societal norms and awakening the spirit of transformation. This thought-provoking performance navigates the blurred lines between sanity and liberation, offering a fresh perspective on healing and resilience. Join this unforgettable night of intense drama, evocative storytelling, and a celebration of the unconventional. Witness the madness that defies boundaries and heals the land in ways unseen. Ticket: N3000.

Venue: Amphitheatre, Freedom Park, Lagos Island, Lagos.

Date: December 3, 2023.

Time: 5pm.


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