TechSpark 2019

19 – 20 Jul. 2019, TechSpark 2019

The TechSpark Workshop is a programme for girls aged 8 to 18 years and helps to combat stereotypes and tackle the technology gender divide. It provides a high quality and exciting environment where the girls learn to create useful technologies for everyday living through programming, mobile application development, graphics designing, and digital animation programming. Venue:…

Ictel Expo 2019

16 – 17 Jul. 2019, ICTEL Expo 2019

The ICTEL Expo gives 360 degree view of the ICT and Telecom industry and gives top visibility to new trends in innovations and provides an excellent networking opportunity for businesses. ICTEL invites Tech Startups with innovative solutions to apply and pitch their creative tech solution. The startup can be from any industry and also from…

Cyber Security Meet-Up

21 Jun. 2019, Cyber Security Meet-Up

A quarterly discussion on many topics in cyber security. The hot issues within that quarter will be discussed and contributions will be taken from anyone willing to participate – regardless of profession or qualification. What Is The Aim? Our target is to increase knowledge sharing and networking between cyber security enthusiasts. This will also enable…

Women In Tech

14 Jun. 2019, Women In Tech

A hangout with women in tech and women who are aspiring to be innovative, creative and daring about their personal growth and the growth of their society at large.This hangout is definitely for you to to be inspired and motivated by our guest speakers: Mrs Faith Adesemowo (CEO Social Lender), Mrs Ibukun Awosika-Itimi (Devops at…


01 Jun. 2019, Non-Techie Tech Talks

Non-Techie Tech Talks is an avenue for these non-techies to connect and learn from people in their field. It is also for people immersed in the arts, humanities or social sciences who want to explore careers in tech. Venue: 180/182 Ikorodu Road, Moyosore House, Onipanu, Lagos. Date: June 1, 2019. Time: 10am.

Blocktech Women Conference

12 Apr. 2019, Blocktech Women Conference

The Conference which is themed “The Looming Financial Revolution: An Engine For Social Tranquil” will feature 80% of renowned African female blockchain experts as speakers. Male speakers will covers 20%. This is deliberate as to aiding focus of the consciousness of African women towards the low hanging fruits of the blockchain technology. Venue: Virginrose Resorts,…