Productivity Plus Life Seminar

20 Jul. 2019, Productivity Plus Life Seminar

Productivity Plus provides a platform for you to encounter a paradigm shift towards result-oriented living and peak productivity.You will be fully equiped with the knowledge, tools/templates and hacks to build a life of purpose and become highly successful. At this event, Abi Longe, a Peak Performance Coach, alongside Foluso Gbadamosi, a Technology and High-Performance Enthusiast,…

Powwow with E’

25 Jun. 2019, Powwow with E’

If you are a stay-at-home mom and are ready to be fruitful at home that the world notices you, then Ekballo, hosted by Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo is for you. In your domestic kingdom lies your super power, and Ekballo will help you find it, and rock it out so hard that the world will notice and…


24 Jun. 2019, Drugs Don’t Discriminate

Freedom Foundation is pleased to invite you to their symposium on combating substance abuse, themed “Drugs Don’t Discriminate.” The symposium is organised to facilitate an open discussion among multi-sectoral stakeholders on the problem of substance abuse in our society. Venue: The Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos. Date: June 24, 2019. Time: 9am.

Women Entrepreneurs: Breaking The Myth

20 Jun. 2019, Women Entrepreneurs: Breaking The Myth

Women empowerment forms a core impact objective at GroFin that focuses on small and growing businesses in vital needs sectors such as education, healthcare, agri-business, manufacturing, and key services to help women entrepreneurs make a difference in their communities. GroFin’s mission is aligned with the achievement of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 5 (Achieve…

Raising Business Funds In Challenging Times

19 Jun. 2019, Raising Business Funds In Challenging Times

Regal Consultancy service and Touchlife Academy is organizing a seminar/workshop for SMEs in Nigeria. Resources persons/organisations includes the BOA, BOI, etc. Participants will be able to raise business funds and increase sales in their businesses despite the challenges involved. Business ideas will be analyzed and funded; expansion projects will also have funding option. The post…

IFN Nigeria Forum 2019

18 Jun. 2019, IFN Nigeria Forum 2019

Join IFN as it convenes industry experts and decision-makers at its inaugural IFN Nigeria Forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the Nigerian Islamic finance market. Venue: Eko Hotels & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos. Date: June 18, 2019. Time: 9am.

Couples Reconnect 2019

15 Jun. 2019, Couples Reconnect 2019

Calling out all my legally married couples. Come and listen to seasoned speakers, games, listen to true life stories, a time out with your partner alone. Bring back that old vibe. Rejuvenate your marriage (sexually). Venue: City Mall, Onikan, Lagos. Date: June 15, 2019. Time: 2pm.

Leadpreneur 2.0

08 Jun. 2019, Leadpreneur 2.0

Leadpreneur is an annual event organized by the World Changers Youth Initiative, a group of youth with over 200 youth volunteers across Africa. Leadpreneur is a day seminar and training that exposes participants to uncommon Leadership and Entrepreneurial management skills and trainings. In this particular dispensation where our economy is going through unpalatable season,many employees…