Cultured Bonfire

13 Jul. 2019, Cultured Bonfire – Abuja

The Cultured Bonfire is a socio – cultural initiative aimed at promoting the launch of the Abuja Week 2020. It has the sole objective of celebrating our cultural diversity as an integral part of Nigeria’s identity. The maiden edition of the Abuja week project has been designed to feature a music concert by renowned artists…

Lagos, Afrofuturist City

29 Jun. 2019, Lagos, Afrofuturist City?

Bustling metropolis, economic and cultural capital of Nigeria, Lagos is surely one of the major references for the creators and thinkers of Afrofuturism in terms of urban features and metropolitan life. Gathering for this occasion, artists, academics and practitioners of the city will interrogate the influence of Lagos as a model of Afrofuturist city; they…

The ArtMesh

28 Jun. 2019, The ArtMesh

In the ArtHut’s bit to improve arts in Africa (commencing with literary arts), we are organizing our first ArtMesh which would be a live poetry-reading session. Venue: American Corner at CcHub, Yaba, Lagos. Date: June 28, 2019. Time: 2pm.