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NPO Conference 2.0
Events in Lagos

05 Sep. 2019, NPO Conference 2.0

The WELTI NPO Conference is an event organized by WELTI for non-profits in Nigeria aimed at creating an annual convergence which would foster collaboration and …

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Events in Lagos

05-26 Feb. 2017, Family Deliverance and Dedication Services

Join the Liberty Gospel Church on all the Sundays of …

Events in Lagos

05 Feb. 2017, February Thanksgiving Service

Join Pastor Peter Olawale for the February Thanksgiving Service at …

Events in Lagos

04-25 Feb. 2017, Weekend STEM Genius Hour

Children in age groups 5-10years and 11-16years will have the opportunity to …

Idea School
Events in Lagos

04 Feb. 2017, Idea School

A one-day FREE workshop that helps you make sense of …

Lagos OneCoin Financial Summit
Events in Lagos

04 Feb. 2017, Lagos OneCoin Financial Summit

Learn how to invest in OneCoin digital currency. This opportunity is …

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