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18 Jul. 2020, Vatebra Digital Transformation Webinar

  Vatebra Digital Transformation Webinar invites you to join the conversation on eProcurement: Everything you need to know. Host – Matthew Omoaka. Venue: Zoom. Register – …

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mastering your purpose
Online Events

11 Jul. 2020, Alive For A Purpose

Olakunle Soriyan aka The Ruckus is ready to shake things …

Mental health
Online Events

11 Jul. 2020, Your Mental Health And Wellbeing

Join the ALAN Learning Session to explore ways to build …

The nest
Online Events

11 Jul. 2020, Within Every Crisis There Is An Opportunity

This webinar is for all small and medium scale business …

covid 19
Online Events

11 Jul. 2020, COVID-19 & The Nigerian Economy

Community Host Yusuf Adegboye will be leading the discussion with …

inner vision
Online Events

11 Jul. 2020, Inner Vision Orchestra Concert Series

The members of the Inner Vision Orchestra have not been …

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