Nedoux Sewing Workshop

09 Jun. 2018, Nedoux Sewing Workshop

The Nedoux Sewing Club is holding a one-day practical workshop for beginners who are interested in acquiring valuable sewing skills. At the end of the workshop, each participant would learn how to sew staple garments using an electric sewing machine. Venue: Victoria Island, Lagos. Date: June 9, 2018. Time: 8am

Tech Skill Upgrade Season 4

19 May – 02 Jun. 2018, Tech Skill Upgrade Season 4

This season of Tech skill Upgrade was designed to teach participants some trending I.T skills in high demand in the corporate world with the potential to exponentially skyrocket their earnings and worth within one month. Through this training, participants would learn how to design professional websites, rank websites, manage social media accounts for companies, execute…

Introduction to Website Design

17 May 2018, Introduction to Website Design

Students will learn to use WordPress to develop and manage their online portfolio. Students will learn to customize Website, add picture, text, video, organize and manage content, and use HTML to edit the pages. This is an excellent introductory course for students interested in website design & development, wanting to develop a blog site or…