16 Jun. 2018, Hardware Nigeria Community Lagos Meetup

The event will feature panel sessions and talks which will share insights on building successful hardware startups/businesses in Nigeria. The meetup will be the launch meetup for the Hardware Nigeria Community in Lagos. Venue: 62a Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos Date: June 16, 2018 Time: 10am

07 – 09 Jun. 2018, Tech Camp 2018

Technical education for children and adolescents from age 8 to 21 years. During the camp, the participants will design, build, screw, program, tinker and solder to their heart’s content. Whether robots, electronics, paper mache, soap boxes, or computer technology – there is something for every little and big inventor, girls and boys. Admission is free.…

05 – 07 Jun. 2018, Digital Pay Expo 2018

Digital Pay Expo is designed as an inclusive series addressing different segments of digital financial services with a focus on how such services can leverage on technology to bring access to the bottom of the pyramid markets. The Expo features The Pay Expo Exhibition, M Cash Start Up Challenge, Data Fiesta and Pay Expo Awards 2018.…

29 May 2018, Techpoint Inspired

Techpoint Inspired will convene industry leaders, visionaries, innovators and tech enthusiasts to explore the tech trends that will shape Nigeria’s future in the years ahead. The annual event provides a unique platform for business opportunities and relationship building. Venue: Pistis Conference Centre, Lekki, Lagos Date: May 29, 2018 Time: 8am

26 May 2018, Prototyping Designs with Code

Could a little knowledge of code improve your design workflow? Toptal is pleased to present a workshop for designers who wish to adopt coding as a tool for prototyping. Venue: Workstation, Victoria Island, Lagos. Date: May 26, 2018. Time: 10am

25 – 26 May 2018, Augmented Lagos

Augmented Lagos is a MasterClass targeted to help Startup/SME founders to build executive knowledge and Skills required to harness the power business digital transformations through Disruptive technologies. The program will help entrepreneurs understand how People, Governments, Organisations, SMEs can leverage on it for higher efficiency and productivity. Venue: Lagos State Digital Village, Alausa Ikeja, Lagos…

24 May 2018, Digital Health Nigeria Meetup

This is a monthly meetup for entrepreneurs and health technology enthusiasts. Highlights of the event are startup pitch, fireside chat and a presentation on building a health tech startup in Nigeria. Venue: The Village, 371 Borno way, Yaba, Lagos Date: May 24, 2018 Time: 5.30pm

19 May – 02 Jun. 2018, Tech Skill Upgrade Season 4

This season of Tech skill Upgrade was designed to teach participants some trending I.T skills in high demand in the corporate world with the potential to exponentially skyrocket their earnings and worth within one month. Through this training, participants would learn how to design professional websites, rank websites, manage social media accounts for companies, execute…

18 May 2018, TechHerMeets – Abuja

Every organization today is progressing fast and trying to catch up with the ever changing landscape of technology. New trends in social media platforms, algorithm updates and the increased mobile adoption and internet penetration across Africa attest to this fact. TechHer will be bringing top specialists in branding and they would be doing justice to…