09 Dec. 2018, AJA – Abuja

An AFRIKOINART production set in the Igbo tribe, AJA tells a compelling adaptation of the Biblical Abraham and Isaac story focusing on Isaac’s meekness and his trust. It features drama, dance, music and poetry. Venue: Villageo Even Centre, Kubwa, Abuja. Date: December 9, 2018. Time: 5pm.

The Confab

17 & 18 Nov. 2018, The Confab

Nwando Alayande’s stage play, The Confab is a satire about Nigeria, fused with comedy and witty dialogue. Representatives and delegates from the various geo-political zones of the country gather at the Confab, with the sole aim of sharing the proverbial “National Cake”. However, they all encounter more than they had bargained for at The Confab.…


16 – 18 Nov. 2018, Home

Genoveva Umeh shares a funny and honest realisation of the pressures of being a young Nigerian in the diaspora. She shares her challenges, fears and mistakes while living in Nigerian and United Kingdom. In this coming of age Play, she takes you on a journey navigating memories and current experiences in trying to find home.…

Esther’s Revenge

16 – 18 Nov. 2018, Esther’s Revenge

Esther’s Revenge is a chronicle of events that led to a murder in 1953. Esther loved Mark with all of her heart, body and wealth. One day, Esther take a pair of scissors and stabs Mark to death! Join our Jury as we deliberate if Esther should face the Hangman’s noose or go scot free.…


16 – 18 Nov. 2018, Bridezilla

Shade is getting married today. Everybody is waiting for her at the church but she doesn’t show up! What could have happened? Bridezilla is the tale of a bride rying to understand the true purpose of being married. Tickets: N2,000 Venue: Freedom Park, Lagos Island, Lagos. Date: November 16 – 18, 2018. Time: 6pm.


16 – 18 Nov. 2018, Claustro

The stage play Claustro, deals with one of Nigeria’s big ifs moment. The story begins where the Umaru Dikko kidnap story ended. What if Dikko wasn’t discovered at the Airport? Fee: N3000. Venue: The British Council, Ikoyi, Lagos. Date: November 16 – 18, 2018. Time: 6pm.

Such Is Life

27 Oct. 2018, Such Is Life

This hilarious musical comedy is about a household entangled with the intricacies of a marriage and struggling with matters of trust and deceit. There is a secret, a scientific discovery, made by Professor Juokwu, a respected Professor of medicine, and member of several committees in a Nigerian University. But the reason for naming his discovery…

21 Jul. 2018, The Discourse

The Discourse, an artistic expression of the Nigerian Women and Girl-child’s experiences. Experiences and stories told in different genre of performing Arts in a seemingly relatable manner. Directed by Boluwatife Orimolade and performed by Ankara & Black Playhouse. Venue: The Ville, Yaba, Lagos Date: July 21, 2018 Time: 3pm & 6pm