22 – 28 Jul. 2018, YEN Summer Camp 2018

The summer camp is a 7 day fun event for teenagers age 12 up designed to change their mindsets and ideas about God and the way He works. During the event, teenagers will have the opportunity to experience God’s presence, love and power. Venue: The Youth Place, Redemption Camp. Date: July 22 – 28, 2018 Time: 6pm

07 – 09 Jun. 2018, Tech Camp 2018

Technical education for children and adolescents from age 8 to 21 years. During the camp, the participants will design, build, screw, program, tinker and solder to their heart’s content. Whether robots, electronics, paper mache, soap boxes, or computer technology – there is something for every little and big inventor, girls and boys. Admission is free.…

iSPACE SUMMER Fun Tech Camp 2017

31 Aug. 2017, iSPACE Summer Fun Tech Camp 2017

iSPACE is a fun tech summer camp (for children ages 7 – 17). Featuring: Story boarding technique; cartoon character design; animation programming; computer games development; mobile app development; web development; coding; computer repairs, electronic design and lots more. Venue: Proxynet House, Ikeja, Lagos Date: August 31, 2017 Time: 9am

Taanteeta’s Robotics Summer Camp

17 – 19 Aug. 2017, Taanteeta’s Robotics Summer Camp

Tanteeta is planning a Robotics summer camp.The summer camp intends to introduce the participating kids and teenagers to the wonderful world of Robotics and Automation in a fun-filled environment. Students would be encouraged to investigate their own world, and will learn to maintain a positive heart towards mistakes and errors. They will be working in…

Aest Fest

24 Jul. 2017, Children's Summer Coding

Summer coding session for secondary school children aged 13 – 17. Why allow your child stay idle at home this summer break? They are not too young to #Reinvent themselves in today’s digital age. Enroll them today for the Summer Coding class and become a proud parent as they learn how to express their creativity…