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29 Aug. 2020, The Income Generation Webinar: Steps to Building Better Income



It’s time to help you make money! Today’s Woman will be holding its 1st Finance Webinar – The Income Generation Webinar this weekend. This event has been designed to give you the steps to building better income by formalizing you with your finances, showing you alternative ways to fund your business, educating you on how to generate money with your knowledge and how to manage your finances with some amazing speakers like Oghogho Osula of WIFng, Tricia Ikpomwoba aka TriciaBiz, Ayo Akinola of PiggyVest and Jumoke Olusoga of Page Financials. Make it a date with us this Saturday – let’s help you make more than you
are right now!

Venue: Register- Email pulse@twmagazine.net

Date:  August 29, 2020
Time: 11am.

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